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MidCoast Dance Club*

*Terms & Conditions.

Membership represents your support of the MidCoast Maine Dance Club goals and also get you discounts at events we hold. 

There is no guarantee for number of events per year. No refunds apply.

Members agree to adhere to MidCoast Dance Club rules and requlations. 

Visit the MidCoast Dance Club Facebook Group for details..

Acadia Music Group Clubs Service 

The purpose of our Clubs Service is to provide an efficient way for groups to organize and host events using live music such as dances and concerts. 

High Level Benefits:

·     Liability insurance for events.
·     Per Event PRO Licensing.
·     Financial Accounting.
·     Membership Tracking.
·     Social Media & Web Services.

Detailed Benefits:

Per event Music Licensing: Provides ASCAP/SESAC/BMI performance rights to present live music or DJ'd events.
Financial Management Service: Separate accounting for your group.  Deposit account. Online Check Request for group expenses.
Tax accounting:  1099's for vendors. W2's for employees. Federal & State tax filing included in parent company. Project & reduce year end tax liabilities.
Membership tracking: Collect dues online. Manage membership list & communications.

Club Responsibilities:

·     Membership recruiting.
·     Setting Club Charter & Membership Rules.
·     Planning club meetings and identifying key members.
·     Budget Management.
·     Marketing & Advertising.
·     Event Planning.
·     Social Media & Communication Administration.

Contact us for more information on starting your own club through us.